BOYA BY-PM700SP USB Microphone 麥克風 (支援Window/Mac/iOS/Android)



《香港行貨 一年保用》 BOYA BY-PM700SP USB 麥克風 BOYA BY-PM700SP 是一款 USB 電容式麥克風,兼容大多數 iOS、Android、Windows 和 Mac 電腦。 它具有 3.5mm 耳機輸出,寬頻響應和 24位/ 48 kHz 分辨率,使 BOYA BY-PM700SP 適用於直播客、Vlog、Youtube,語音識別軟件,音樂錄製,一般語音等。可切換的極性模式提供心形,雙向,全向和立體聲拾音模式,使您可以選擇更適合您的特定情況的任何模式。這款麥克風具有耐用的全金屬結構,包括可將麥克風調整為各種所需角度的桌面支架,還具有向下折疊麥克風以進行存儲和運輸的功能。 【產品特點】 - 適用於 iOS 設備,Android 設備,Windows 和 Mac - 三咪頭設計 - 24位/ 48 kHz分辨率 - 心形,立體聲,全向,雙向 - 不需要驅動程序 - 主音量控制 - 麥克風增益控制 - 靜音功能 - 3.5mm 耳機插孔 - 耐用的全金屬結構 【產品規格】 振膜: 14mm 位深度: 24 bit 频率響應: 20-20,000Hz 靈敏度: -45dB±3dB@1kHz 功率消耗: 5V/150mA 採样率: 48kHz 信噪比: 80dB 接頭: 1) 蘋果 Lightning 2) Type-C 3) USB-A 線纜長度: 1米 尺寸: 112×108×200/295mm 重量: 1042g The BOYA BY-PM700SP is a USB condenser microphone, and compatible with most of iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and Mac computers. It features a 1/8" (3.5mm) headphone output, wide frequency response and 24 bit/48 kHz resolution make BOYA BY-PM700SP suitable for Podcasts, voice recognition software, music recording, general speech, etc. Switchable polar patterns provide cardioid, bi-directional, omnidirectional and stereo pick up patterns to allow you to choose whatever pattern is more appropriate for your specific situation. This mic has durable all metal construction, includes desk stand that can ajust microphone in various desired angles, also functionality of folding the mic down for storage and transport as well. Product Highlights: - For iOS devices, Android devices, Windows and Mac computers - Triple-capsule design - 24 bit/48 kHz resolution - Cardioid, Stereo, Omnidirectional, Bi-directional - Requires no drivers - Master volume control - Microphone gain control - Mute function - 3.5mm (1/8") headphone monitoring jack - Durable all metal construction BOYA 產品官網: